It's no secret that sex and violence are very present in media. While many people complain about it, they also tend to see it as inevitable. There is a commonly held belief that "sex and violence sell." However,  results in a recent meta-study showed that sex and viole...

There have been many studies in the news lately touting the various benefits of chocolate - dark chocolate in particular. These benefits range from lowering blood pressure to reducing the risk of diabetes. Excellent benefits indeed! And just by eating chocolate, the on...

Do we live in a society that eschews long-term planning in favour of short-term gratification? Yes, according to a new book by author Paul Roberts. In “The Impulse Society: America in the Age of Instant Gratification” Roberts paints a picture of a society that prefers...

In wake of the Amanda Todd’s recent suicide, brought the issue of bullying is back to in the forefront of media coverage. In fact, a NDP backbencher just put forth a motion in parliament to settep up a committee to study and battle bullying. According to, app...

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