Insomnia is a type of sleep disorder in which a person has trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking up too early. These disorders may also be characterized by an overall poor quality of sleep. Insomnia is the most commonly reported of all sleep disorders.


The old phrase may state that "nobody's perfect" but that doesn’t stop people from trying! And trying to be perfect can trigger a cascade of anxieties.


Perfectionism is not necessarily a bad thing. It can be seen as a strong suit or a stumbling block, depending on how...



All of us feel angry at certain points in our lives. However, anger can become a real problem when it affects your personal health and relationships. It's important to learn how to deal with anger in a positive way. The Mayo Clinic offers ten tips to help you blow of...



Stressed about the holidays? You may want to exercise. Virtually any form of exercise, from aerobics to yoga, can act as a stress reliever. You don’t have to be an athlete; even a little exercise can go a long way in helping you manage stress. Here are some more bene...

Today’s headlines caught my eye, as something called “Rushing Woman Syndrome” was splashed across the front of the paper. I decided to investigate and found that “Rushing Woman Syndrome” was coined by Australian nutritionist Libby Weaver in her book of the same name. W...

If you were to ask a group of people if we work more hours now than we ever did before, most would say yes. It is commonly accepted that sleep deprivation and burnout is a part of working life, and that this epidemic only seems to be increasing.


But is i...

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